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Peanut Butter - 340g

Peanut Butter - 340g

The real difference between doggy peanut butter and many human brands of peanut butter isn't the ingredients added to it, but what isn't. While many human peanut butter recipes contain extra salt, sugar, oils, or flavorings, dog peanut butter tends to only contain peanuts


Peamutt Butter is a peanut butter specially designed for dogs. Dogs go barking mad for this tasty treat. Our Dog Peanut Butter is 98.2% Peanuts!!!


  • Natural peanut butter with no added salt, sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Great stuffed into or spread over dog toys, as a treat or for making your own Peamutt Butter biscuits.
  • Perfect for keeping your dog busy.
  • A source of heart healthy fats, protein, vitamin B, niacin and vitamin E.


Suitable for dogs of all sizes and puppies over 10 weeks



98.2% Peanuts, 1.8% Hydrogenated vegetable oil


Constituents (per 100g)

Crude protein 24.9%
Crude oils and fats 54.4%
Crude fibres 2.5%

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