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Ostrich Caveman Bone (over 800g, 50cm)

Ostrich Caveman Bone (over 800g, 50cm)

This thing is a Monster, over 50cm in length and nearly a Kilo in weight!


This huge ostrich bone is ideal chew for the larger breed of dogs.
Ostrich is classified as a novel protein that is hypoallergenic, and their bones are really low in fat. This makes them perfect for dogs watching their waste line’s or dogs prone to pancreatitis.  Ostrich bones are also very dense, so they can help clean your dog’s teeth as well.

Brilliant, very long-lasting chews for dogs with sensitive tummies or food allergies.



100% Ostrich


Constituents (per 100g)

Crude protein 26.7%
Crude oils and fats 17.2%
Crude fibre less than 2.6%
Crude ash 42.6%
Moisture 5.4%

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