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Beef Bone Broth 230ml

Beef Bone Broth 230ml

Our new Beef Bone Broth for dogs contains a natural source of collagen which helps to support joint health and digestion. Collagen can help heal a dog's gut and reduce inflammation which can help with tfood intolerances and boost your dog's immune system. Our broth is also rich in glucosamine and chondoitihin which can help to promote bone health and ease stiff joints. Its a great way to encourage healthy hydration and help promote a healthy coat and skin. 


Composition: Water, grass fed beef bones, organic carrot.


Constituents (per 100ml)

Moisture 96.8%

Crude protein 3.1%

Crude oils and fats 0%

Crude Fibre 0%

Crude ash 0.1%


Collagen content per 100ml: 900mg


Energy content per 100ml: 53kg/12kcal

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